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3 Cups of Spilled Tea

April 21, 2011

NOTE: This blog has always focussed on descriptions of great adventure trail runs, providing uniquely excellent information intended for the accomplished runner / reader.

I’m going to broaden the scope of this blog. Prompted by the topic below, which somehow caught and held my attention, there will be more essays, equipment tips, and news.


1) Greg Mortensen is justly famous for his book, “3 Cups of Tea” (released in 2006 and selling 3 million copies) followed up by “Stones Into Schools …”. He founded the Central Asia Institute which receives donations to build schools for children in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and which during December 2010 alone, raised $8 mil. He’s famous, he’s won many awards, he’s idolized, and his book was even required reading by US Army in Afghanistan.