Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc


Jared Campbell completed the UTMB this weekend, and wrote the best Trip Report on this epic event I’ve seen.  Follow this link to the story on his personal blog!  And if you want the splits of all the runners, go here.

(Photo Jack Jewell)


“UTMB flies rather low on the “ultra running” radar to most folks in the U.S.A.  Most have heard of it, but few have done it.  I assume that the reason is due to the logistics and cost of doing a race in Europe.  Both are indeed valid reasons especially now given how weak the US dollar is and how relatively strong the Euro is.  I just bought a sandwich (nothing fancy, just a pre-made self-serve sandwich) at the Paris airport and it was about $14.  One thing that this race opened my eyes to was the breadth and depth of talented mountain runners in the world.  Many ultra-runners from the states tend to have this idea that we invented the sport of mountain running and that we also dominate it.  Not true at all and this race proved it to me.  The true beauty of the UTMB is that it is a melting pot that literally brings people from all over the world together, motivated by the common appreciation for beautiful mountains and pushing their physical limits.”

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