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South Coast Track

February 14, 2009

Galen flew into Hobart Saturday evening and I met him the next day. He is living and working in Sydney, and he and his lady friend Kristin do an excellent blog on life Down Under. We toured the Harbor, bought some great apricots at the farmers market, and food for the upcoming South Coast Track.

This is a biggie. The South Coast Track traverses the wild and wet southern coast of Tasmania … look off to your right, and there’s nothing but ocean until Antarctica. 85km doesn’t sound long, but the track is minimally maintained, has a few big ups, and the weather is less than idyllic. This is such a big wilderness, the only way to start the route is either a 5 day walk in, or a bush plane lift to the start. At most 4 people start this each day. What’s there not to like?

Well, mud for one thing …



Cradle Mountain Run

February 13, 2009

12 years ago I flew into Tazzie (the “Aussies” like to use the diminutive whenever possible), rented a car, and thought I’d have a look around. After a day with some friends and two days left, I drove up to Cradle Mountain National Park in the central highlands. It was a wild alpine wilderness unlike anything I’d ever seen (I was on my way to New Zealand, after which I wouldn’t say that). The peaks were craggy, but not high; impressive were the bogs, the fog and clouds, the rivulets flowing everywhere, and plants I’d never seen before – nothing like the Rockies to say the least.

crm21The premier route is the Overland Track – I ran out 10km and just loved it. This track (Aussie for “trail”) was 85 km long, went up and stayed high, with no road coming close the whole distance. I was dying to run the whole thing, but the other end was just as remote as the start, with uncertain services, no bus’s, and a patchwork of small country roads rendering a hitchhike back problematic. Dang. I reluctantly turned back, vowing to return.

Which I just did.