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Roaming on Rogers

April 23, 2009

I had the great fortune of being invited to Roger’s Pass for a backcountry skiing trip this winter. Reed Finlay and I got to tag along with, Steve Romeo from who was headed to the Cold Smoke Festival in Nelson, B.C. and then to Revelstoke.

We arrived in Nelson at the tail end of a 21 day high pressure spell that had left the surface snow wonderfully faceted. We knew it would not hold up well once new snow came, but for now it made for great skiing on all aspects.

Reed climbs Ymir

After a few days in the Southern Selkirks we were ready to meet up with Greg Hill and friends in Revelstoke, and get down to business on Roger’s Pass. We headed north into a large storm system that put an end to the high pressure and low danger. The avalanche cycle we all expected started in force and we kicked off numerous small and medium sized avalanches on the McGill Shoulder.      

The going gets good

The going gets good

The next day dawned high and dry, and with Aaron Chance and Greg Hill ready to go, we headed to the top of the pass. The weather was spectacular and we had assembled an all star team of backcountry skiers, but we knew we would have to keep our energy in check as the buried facets and surface hoar were likely to be reactive today. As a few of us stuck our heads in the snow to see what was happening beneath the surface we witnessed the sure sign of a disaster, 2 ridges to the east, a large avalanche released as a group of skiers made their way across it. Greg, a former ski mountaineering champion employed his high speed transition and was off skiing towards the site of the accident. 


Teton Mountain Running – not (yet)!

May 21, 2008

Are you done with the desert and ready to do some good projects in the mountains?  Might have to wait another month at least … Z Billimoria sent in these photos … taken just last week! They were skiing the Middle Teton.

However, the snow might be finally coming down:

* The Hardrock 100 Board met on Sunday to consider whether to cancel the race or not due to large snowpack.  The decision was to measure a certain place and if the depth is over 23″ to cancel … it will be decided on June 1.

* The Lake City 50 RD also just considered whether to use the “Snow” course this year, but also decided the “Normal” or “Alpine” course would be ready to go in time.

* The Sierra snowpack, while well above last year for most of the season, came down fast and is now well below average.

* Galen Burrell was at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon Thursday morning (5/22).  He reported light snow and 28 degrees!


* Bill Wright attempts to climb Longs Peak once every month, by a different route each time.

* Karl Meltzer launches a speed record on the Appalachian Trail.

* David Horton launches a speed attempt on the Continental Divide Trail.