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Cradle Mountain Run

February 13, 2009

12 years ago I flew into Tazzie (the “Aussies” like to use the diminutive whenever possible), rented a car, and thought I’d have a look around. After a day with some friends and two days left, I drove up to Cradle Mountain National Park in the central highlands. It was a wild alpine wilderness unlike anything I’d ever seen (I was on my way to New Zealand, after which I wouldn’t say that). The peaks were craggy, but not high; impressive were the bogs, the fog and clouds, the rivulets flowing everywhere, and plants I’d never seen before – nothing like the Rockies to say the least.

crm21The premier route is the Overland Track – I ran out 10km and just loved it. This track (Aussie for “trail”) was 85 km long, went up and stayed high, with no road coming close the whole distance. I was dying to run the whole thing, but the other end was just as remote as the start, with uncertain services, no bus’s, and a patchwork of small country roads rendering a hitchhike back problematic. Dang. I reluctantly turned back, vowing to return.

Which I just did.