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2008 Multi-Day Wrap-Up

November 7, 2008

Marshall Ulrich just finished running across the United States in record time, ending in NYC the evening of Election Day.  His massive 52-day effort wraps up a great season of multi-day record runs!  

multidaysFirst summarized on this blog back in June, this was a big year for multi-day running.  While clearly a fringe activity, multi-day runs do capture the imagination; besides the obvious extreme aspect, their real allure might be how they arouse our yearning to “be a runner” instead of “going for a run”; to live the life of a self-propelled person fully and wholly.  Our re-cap follows; this list includes only record-attempts (non-record runs are wonderful but are not included here), and all but Marshall’s are off pavement.


Colorado Trail – new record

July 31, 2008

It’s a big year for big trail records!  While Karl starts on the AT in just four days, Peter Bakwin, on his excellent new website, takes note of a lot of other activity: 

“FOUR people are separately going for speed records on the Tahoe Rim Trail over the next couple of months … and David Horton has been reporting about Jennifer Pharr’s attempt to break the women’s record on the AT as well.” 

Most recently, Paul Pomeroy of Lyons, Colorado just broke Jonathan Basham’s Colorado Trail Record.  (Jonathan was supported by Andrew Thompson, the current AT Record holder, and vice versa).  Paul went “under the radar” by choice;  almost no one knew he was even on the Trail.  “I did it entirely for personal reasons”, he notes.  “I didn’t want to talk it up.  I wanted to do it”.  Paul is well-known in local running circles as an outstanding athlete, with a sharp wit and sense of honor.  Fortunately he is also gracious and shared a few words with me about his recent trip:  

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The Wasatch “Fun Run”

June 16, 2008

I’ve always been attracted to events that involve lots of vertical.  Naturally some of the more mountainous 100 miles races (Hardrock, Wasatch, and this year UTMB) have caught my attention.  Hardrock is 33,000 ft of vertical gain.  I also like nice round numbers, so naturally tripling it to 100,000 seemed like a good platform to start an adventure/goal.  I discovered over the years that doing 100,000 ft. of gain in a month while holding a full-time job was certainly possible and something that I’ve worked into my repertoire quite consistently now.  So, last year I figured I’d see if I could condense it down to a shorter amount of time.  5 days seemed like a good target as it equated to ~20,000ft per day, a manageable amount.