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Long Trail Record

September 9, 2009


Jonathan Basham on the trail now! He is over halfway done and on pace for a new record. Reports below are coming in from JB’s crew (check back for updates as they come in) – – –

Progress Reports Verbatim

10:54 am, 9/6

JB and crew heading up to North Jay for the night. Will begin the hike at 5am. I will send you texts to keep you updated.

6:38 am, 9/7

JB and Travis just completed the first 12 miles in 3.5 hours. JB feeling great! Weather is spectacular.

3:53 pm, 9/7

JB is looking strong on day one. He is five miles from ending his 53.6 mile day. Plans to start day two at 4 am.

5:43 am, 9/8

JB started out at 4am. Completed the first 10.9 mile section at 645 and headed out for 18.4 section with two HUGE climbs over Mansfield and camels hump. He looks and feels strong!

5:06 pm, 9/8

Waiting for JB to end day two. Should be here in two hours. Looking real strong. Will complete 56.2 for day.

? am, 9/9

JB started at 3:30am at Appalachian gap after putting in 55.2 miles yesterday. He will finish at green road today. Its a short day because he added a 2.6 section to the end of yesterday. His right knee was hurting a little in the downhills this morning but still looking good!

* 5:17 am, 9/10

Hello from the trail! JB started out at 2:30 this morning. He is starting to get some hot spots on his soles which slowed him down a little. He picked it back up and is still on record pace. He is unsure if he will be able to sleep tonight or not but he did get a solid 4 hours last night. I will keep you posted.

** 12:36 pm MDT, 9/11

13 to go.  Looking solid for the record.

*** 6:33 pm, 9/11

NEW RECORD: 4 days, 12 hours, 46 minutes, & 4 seconds (4:12:46:04)