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October 24, 2008

I’ve been wanting to run the Nankoweap Trail, ever since I heard of it 25 years ago. Yesterday, I finally did it. Well, “hiked” it is more like it …

The Nankoweap is one of the fabulous Rim-River trails; these routes all start from either the South or the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, run down thru a billion years of geologic time to the Colorado River (really fun), and then climb back out again (sometimes less fun). In early season one moves carefully over snow and ice on top, which very quickly change to green trees and grass at the bottom; these trails start in Ponderosa and sometimes Aspen forests, rocket down thousands of vertical feet thru a spectacular desert landscape, finally arriving at the biggest and grandest river in the Southwest.

According to the NPS, the Nankoweap is the hardest trail in the entire Park, and has the biggest vert: 6,000′. It is barely maintained, is remote, and not popular. What’s there not to like?