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February 15, 2011

This blog has been on hiatus for 1-2 years.  During that time I made a couple more very painful and expensive visits to the hospital, I built a house, and basically let go of ever doing anything worth writing about again.

But Colorado got really cold, I decided to visit relatives in California, it’s easiest to drive, and Zion NP happens to be on the way … which made me think of Jared … who jumped at the thought of meeting me there …

When one is going on a trip with the World’s Strongest Runner, it’s time to get in shape.  So starting Jan 1, I launched a last-minute, 30-day training plan.  I had run approximately 40 miles total in all of 2010, so on January 8th I matched that mileage in one day, and decided to keep working at it; my goal was to prevent Jared from taking naps while waiting up for me.

OK, enough shuck and jive, let’s look at a very cool linkup that I’ve never heard of being done before, but very well should be.