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Jonathan Basham on the trail now! He is over halfway done and on pace for a new record. Reports below are coming in from JB’s crew (check back for updates as they come in) – – –

Progress Reports Verbatim

10:54 am, 9/6

JB and crew heading up to North Jay for the night. Will begin the hike at 5am. I will send you texts to keep you updated.

6:38 am, 9/7

JB and Travis just completed the first 12 miles in 3.5 hours. JB feeling great! Weather is spectacular.

3:53 pm, 9/7

JB is looking strong on day one. He is five miles from ending his 53.6 mile day. Plans to start day two at 4 am.

5:43 am, 9/8

JB started out at 4am. Completed the first 10.9 mile section at 645 and headed out for 18.4 section with two HUGE climbs over Mansfield and camels hump. He looks and feels strong!

5:06 pm, 9/8

Waiting for JB to end day two. Should be here in two hours. Looking real strong. Will complete 56.2 for day.

? am, 9/9

JB started at 3:30am at Appalachian gap after putting in 55.2 miles yesterday. He will finish at green road today. Its a short day because he added a 2.6 section to the end of yesterday. His right knee was hurting a little in the downhills this morning but still looking good!

* 5:17 am, 9/10

Hello from the trail! JB started out at 2:30 this morning. He is starting to get some hot spots on his soles which slowed him down a little. He picked it back up and is still on record pace. He is unsure if he will be able to sleep tonight or not but he did get a solid 4 hours last night. I will keep you posted.

** 12:36 pm MDT, 9/11

13 to go.  Looking solid for the record.

*** 6:33 pm, 9/11

NEW RECORD: 4 days, 12 hours, 46 minutes, & 4 seconds (4:12:46:04)

Long Trail Background

The Long Trail runs 270 miles the N-S length of Vermont. It is obviously a classic; while not being as long as the “Triple Crown” trails – the AT, the PCT, and CDT – it’s ‘reasonable’ length means you don’t have to bargain a year of your life away to do it. The Long Trail thus is one of the “Triple Gems” – the LT, the CT (Colorado Trail), and the JMT (John Muir Trail).

The record times on the LT have never been blazing, and the failures have been numerous. The reasons for this are mainly two:

1. Roots, rocks, and mud. Altitude and elevation gain are almost beside the point; this terrain is not cruiser. Rain and mud is a major detriment. See Po’s post mortem.

2. There is no such thing as switchbacks. It is quite possible to run every step of the JMT, and theoretically to do the same on the PCT. Forget it on the LT; for each mountain encountered, the trail goes straight up it, then straight down.

JB’s Run Prelude

August 18, 2009 –

My training is coming along well for my supported Long Trail speed attempt. I sent an email to Ted “CaveDog” Keiser to inform him of my intensions and received a very supportive response from him. Ted is an extremely talented and honorable individual whom I have much respect for. The plan is to begin my hike on Sept. 7th primarily to avoid many of the discomforts associated with hiking through the Greens in the summer (heat, humidity, black flies, mud and bogs). As for my time goal, I have no set goal other than to go under the current record of 4d13h15m.

JB is well prepared for the Long Trail.  He spent 3 weeks this summer in the Colorado High Country, training with and supporting David Horton on the Colorado Trail.  It’s now JB’s turn!


Age: 32

Current residence: Allentown, PA

Occupation: Finish carpenter/Remodeler

Years running: 11

Have been runnning for Team Inov8 since 2005

Previous supported Colorado Trail record holder

Have been support crew for 5 long distance speed records (Andrew Thompson and David Horton).

Current Rattlesnake 50K (Charleston, WV) course record holder (3:59); 10 official Mountain Masochist 50 mile Trail Run finishes, 11 unofficial when Andrew Thompson and I completed the double MMTR.

Future goals: LT supported speed record, LT unsupported speed record, Barkley 100, Hardrock 100, Colorado Trail supported speed record (yes, I want that record back…I adore the CT), and who knows what else.

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4 Responses to “Long Trail Record”

  1. A Season of Record Attempts (II) | trailrunningSoul.com Says:

    […] The crew for this supported attempt are Andrew Thompson, Kyle Klingman, Travis Wildeboer, and his wife. “I have no set goal other than to go under the current time of 4d13h15m.” wrote Jonathan a few weeks ago.  Latest updates of his progress at adventure running blog. […]

  2. Cave Dog Says:


    A hardy congratulations! Job well done! You pushed the limits in great style and poise. You are an inspiration to us all.

    Live the Dream,

    Cave Dog

  3. edkostak Says:

    jb, I just learned about yor new record. Congratulations on a great effort . I look forward to meeting you some day. Ed Kostak

  4. Interval training Says:


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