Karl Meltzer live online


Yes,  July 29, from 4 – 5 pm MST, this Post hosted a live online chat with Karl Meltzer.  

Karl is going for the renowned Appalachian Trail Record, starting Aug 5.  For very thorough background on this project, including interviews with David Horton, Flyin’ Brian, and Andrew Thompson, check out this website.

Check out a Karl video here:   http://youtube.com/watch?v=U5K3WJ31kV0

How the Chat works: you post a question (click “Comments” at the bottom of this Post).  Karl does the same in reply to you.  Read Comments below for the very informed questions and his responses.

Karl is now driving the RV across the country, and out of touch until he arrives in Maine in 3 days.

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86 Responses to “Karl Meltzer live online”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I really want one of those “Where’s Karl” t-shirts. Please tell me you’re going to sell them from your site … and you’re going to make an XXL for large Illinois boys! Good luck on conquering the AT … I’ll be eagerly watching you with your tracking device on your site.
    McNaughton Park Trail Run webguy

  2. George Z Says:

    karl – just catching up … are you going GA to ME or will you tackle the big mountains up in the northeast first?

  3. George Z Says:

    never mind – I see that you are starting at Katahdin

  4. Mary Says:

    what is the closest thing like this that you have done? And what was your training regime to get ready for this?

  5. Buzz Says:

    So Karl … you just did your Speedgoat 50, you packed for the AT and drove 8 hours here to Boulder … are you rested and ready for the AT, or exhausted and need to get some sleep??

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I plan on running north to south ackle the toughest spots first and to go the same way as andrew did

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I haavent run in the last 3 days packing for the AT. not exhausted, just ready to rally the drive first

  8. George Z Says:

    How much of the course have you scoped out?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    the longest run I’ve done at once is simply a hundred miles. training regime is simple, i run alot and have been hiking aroiund the wasatch alot with the speedgoat 50k

  10. Anonymous Says:

    ive run almost all of nhmost of vermont and most of pennsylvania

  11. Jonny Atencio Says:

    What kind of gas mileage is that RV getting??

  12. Anonymous Says:

    shirts are available at bc.com on auguat 1st

  13. Anonymous Says:

    about 11 per gallon furst tank 150

  14. Jim Says:

    How will your support team work? What will you carry with you each day?

  15. Will T Says:

    On the Fox interview you mentioned training slower and longer. You mentioned a 4mph pace would be more than enough. What kind of pace do you plan of keeping day in and day out? Do you plan to walk all the ups & jog the downs and flats? %walking vs. %jogging?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    i have three seperate drivers dad wife and friend, and bc.com will be co ming in and out every week as an extra crew person

  17. Anonymous Says:

    will, 4mph of course, no real plan onwhat to run, just go as I feel

  18. Anonymous Says:

    will, plan on carrying the lightest load, but it will vary depebdding on how long the sections are

  19. Jill Says:

    Karl, who is on your crew? How many people will you have with you the whole time? What will be their responsibilities?

  20. Kris Versteegen Says:

    Are you planning any rest days, or will you try and hit 45 miles every day?

  21. Will T Says:

    Are there spots where reaching the RV at night won’t be an option and you’ll be camping out?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    jill, dad, wife cheryl, billy simpson, and one person from bc.com all the ti me as well as a few runners to run with me

  23. treesaregreen Says:

    Do you think the lack of altitude will play a key role in your ability to complete this objective? I am from the east coast and the altitude kills me – any advice you can offer someone in regards to training at altitude vs. sea level?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    jill, usually Ill run alone but thru maine matt hart will run all of maine with me.
    responsibilities are to just keep me fed and put me to bed

  25. Anonymous Says:

    kris, no rest days, jsut go as far as what is within reason. weather will also be a factor. depends how i feel

  26. Little Ceasar Says:

    I heard that if it were possible, you would eat a frozen pizza the size of your body. Is this true?

  27. Anonymous Says:

    will, no camping, only luxury sleeping is the key, hte only place imight bivvy is in tennessee intthe smokie mountains, two lo ng sections of 36 miles

  28. Sam Says:

    How much time do you spend stretching post dual-marathon each day? My legs would cramp up!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    trees are green, altitude wont matter after a week. sleeping at altitiude is the best way to accliomate, but ingeneral you just have to live there and train there. i have that luxury

  30. Don Fallis Says:

    Hey Karl,

    Your friends at HURT are anxiously awaiting the start of your great adventure and will be rooting you on all the way to the finish. You are THE MAN ! The AT doesn’t stand a chance against you ! I’m going to make a personalized “I’m on Karl’s Team” t-shirt to wear on the weekends, for good luck. When things get tough, remember that we will be with you every step of the way. You can do it !! Aloha, and all the best from your friends in Hawaii. We love you, man ! Don

  31. Anonymous Says:

    little ,i can easily consume large pizzas but only with a pitcher of beer to follow

  32. Anonymous Says:

    sam, stretching 0 minutes

  33. Anonymous Says:

    don, the most important t hing is to respect the distance, ill have you with me the whole way well see you at hurt

  34. Will T Says:

    Who gets the bill for keeping the RV on full?
    Any type of camera crew following you for a potential documentary?

  35. Buzz Says:

    You always post odds on your excellent personal website … so … what odds are you giving yourself for the AT?

  36. Claire Ninde Says:

    What kind of gear are you using?

  37. Anonymous Says:

    buzz, I have to get back on tht one, but i feel i can finish, ill know more after about 20 days whether the record is within reach

  38. Anonymous Says:

    claire. im usiing the SPOT locator, along with nathan packs,, vio camera, la sportiva shoes and mass quantities of red bull and powerbar gel, along with first endurance product to recover

  39. Anonymous Says:

    will T. not me

  40. Anonymous Says:

    will, not a true film crew but bc.com will be doing podcasts, and other video, and we will document it and hopefully put together a fine piece of film, with plenty of suffering to be seen

  41. Buzz Says:

    Food: what do you eat during the day? How about at night?

  42. Kris Versteegen Says:

    I gotta ask – which Sportiva shoes will you be using? Why did you choose that model? 😉

  43. Joey T Says:

    what is your typical cross-training routine?

  44. Brent V. Says:

    What kind of wear and tear do you expect on your feet? and Legs? and what preventative measures do you have to take?

  45. Anonymous Says:

    buzz, my plan is to eat a big breakfast, but in reality ill probably start early with a light breakfast then meet crew and eat big afer i’ve gone a few hours. Aferwards, i’ll drink lots of ultragen from First endurance and then eat as much fat and protein as possible. only a few beers along the way to wet the whistle

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Kris, plan on running int he Lynx and the fireblade when the trail is smoother ris,

  47. Anonymous Says:

    joey, golf on off days to walk a little, otherwise i run primarily all the time, dont; have a real “cross training” program. to run well, you must run

  48. Jared Says:

    Can’t wait to pull you through the Smoky Mtns. Karl. Think of everything prior to it as a nice warm-up, because we’re going to be doing 7 minutes miles, forget this 4mph crap. ha ha ha. j/k I’m psyched for you buddy.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    brent, hard to say what will happen with my feet, i havent really done this before, so i cant really say. just plan on taking care of standard problems when they arise. I’ve purchased a few bandaids and neosporin…..along with an extensive first aid kit i hope not to use much

  50. Anonymous Says:

    kris, as far as the shoes, the lynx the majority of the time, but when the trail is smoother, i’ll run in the fireblade. each shoe is different for different occasions

  51. Kris Versteegen Says:

    Is there a mountain, or section that you think will be tougher than the rest of the trail?

  52. Anonymous Says:

    jared, 7mph should be easy once i’m deleroious, i’ll be deep in the zone…hopefully

  53. Will T Says:

    What type of Animal problems do you expect (or hope not) to encounter and will you be carrying anything with you to deal with those issues?

  54. Susie Says:

    Have you talked at all to any of the runners who have gone before you to try and figure out what to expect or is that not done?

  55. Anonymous Says:

    kris, maine and nh are really the toughest “mountains” because the terrain is so technical, and the fact it’s been raining alot back east, it will be slippery all the time. I like it slippery

  56. Marit @ Backcountry Says:

    Brent, we (Karl’s crew) will be sure to take pictures of Karl’s feet along the way, and post the pics on the blog. Could make an interesting and disturbing photo essay…

  57. Anonymous Says:

    will, i’m sure ill see animals, bears, moose and others. i might carry bear mase, or i’ll put matt in front of me in maine. really i cant worry about that. itl’s really a random thing that we;ll deal with when the time comes

  58. Anonymous Says:

    susie, i’ve onle spoken with flyin brian robinson and he warned me of the affects of multi-day, but this is why i am doing it, i want to see what it is really like. the record id i cing on the cake. getting thru it will be a real accomplishment

  59. George Z Says:

    I think the Mahoosuc section (I think that is how it is spelled), just north of the Presidentials will be the roughest. Footing is pretty tough there and there is some decent vertical.

    Did you time it at this point in the year for any specific reason?

  60. Brent V. Says:

    Thanks Marit – I’ll tune in just to see what evolves!

  61. Anonymous Says:

    the mahoosucs are probably the roughest section. did not time the whole adventure at a specific time of year. i had to p ut on the speedgoat 50k last weekend then i wanted to start as soon as possible after the race and have as much daylight as possible. it would be best to start in early june, but this the only way i could make it happen at all

  62. Anonymous Says:

    i wont forget the bear whistle either

  63. Little Ceasar Says:

    Karl, I wish you the best my man–I really think that what you are doing is amazing, and inspirational. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. We will be with you mentally to help you through your journey. Gotta get back to work! God Bless!

  64. Buzz Says:

    What’s the crux? What will be the do or die?

  65. Anonymous Says:

    buzz, i think the best thing i can do is to go out slow, if i can survive maine nh and vermont feeling well, i think i will have a great run. even though that is early in the adventure, it’ll tell me alot. when i finally get to clingmans dome, it’s all downhill from there.

  66. Anonymous Says:

    little, thanks my man, keep watching thanks for the good words!

  67. Buzz Says:

    How do you think your belly is going to hold up? think you’re going to have issues?

  68. Anonymous Says:

    laura, dont think my belly will have real major issues. i am sure there will be times when i have some deals, but i have lots of experience correcting those problems before the arise….hopefully!

  69. Will T Says:

    If we want to send you words of encouragement while you’re out on the trail, what the best website, blog, email addy to send those “pick me ups” to?

    Good Luck!

  70. Jill Says:

    Karl, have fun out there.

    When you start feeling spent and tired, just know that we’re all out here cheering for you. My co-workers and I will check in on you at whereskarl.com, and we’ll send along encouraging notes to help you through. Have your crew read them to you.

    You can do it. We know you can.

    Good luck!

  71. Anonymous Says:

    will, go to whereskarl.com….the bc.com crew will be all over that, and i’m even going to try and post myself if i’m not too delerious

  72. Josh Says:

    Hey Karl,

    From what I read you sound like a “low mileage” kinda guy compared to some ultrarunners out there – do you see yourself at a disadvantage in that respect as you will be averaging 45 miles a day on the AT?

    Best of luck!! We’ll all be watching you to Georgia!

  73. Anonymous Says:

    jill, psyched to know lots of people are watching. this has been a dream of mine and now it’s gonna start to come true once i get started.

  74. Will T Says:

    On a scale of 1 to 10 and a 5 being the nervousness just hours before a 100 miler race? How nervous are you?

  75. Marit @ Backcountry Says:

    You all can send your cheers as comments on the whereskarl.com blog. Jill, we’ll definitely read them to Karl while he’s resting or eating.

  76. Anonymous Says:

    josh, depends what you call low mileage, i run about 85 a week with 25000′ of climb. I wouldnt really call that low mileage unless you compare that to mr krupicka and skaggs. really, super high mileage is not necessary to run fast, it’s all about race and run management….once a strong fitness level is reached.

  77. Kris Versteegen Says:

    You can also all check out Karl’s shoes on facebook. La Sportiva is hosting a contest:

    Once a week during Karl’s AT Record Attempt, we will give away a free pair of La Sportiva Mountain Running Shoes on Karl’s Shoes Facebook page.
    Become a fan of Karl’s Shoes at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karls-Shoes/23709781706?ref=share

    You send in a photo of your old running shoes (any brand), and the “best” entrant wins a new pair of award-winning La Sportiva Mountain Running® shoes.

    Post now- we will pick a winner Friday, August 8th

  78. Josh Says:


    Sounds like you are prepared then! Those are some quality miles.

    I am still hung up on Tony’s high mileage (I just watched his DVD a few weeks ago).

    Sounds like you’re set… Say hi to Mt. Rodgers Rec. Area in SWern Virginia, arguably one of the prettiest sections of the AT.

    All the best,


  79. Anonymous Says:

    will, sarcastically i’m mostly nervous at the gas pump.

    actually not really feeling nervous at all, just want to get started. most 100s i run, i sleep well the night before and jsut get to go r un all day suported. I may not sleep well the night before this, but this is bigger than a 100. i tend to not let things bother me. why should this…right?

  80. Jared Says:

    I’ve personally witnessed Karl put down a serious amount of food/drink within minutes of finishing a rough and hot 50 mile run through Zion National Park. Most people would have lost their appetite/thirst and crashed. This is a good sign that Karl has acquired the “blast furnace” stomach that Buzz has mentioned is a necessity for such an adventure. Your homeboys in Utah will be rooting for you the entire way Karl.

  81. Anonymous Says:

    From Karl, thanks for all the great words about this adventure. it’s not necessarily the most popular thing amongst thru hikers. some love it some hate it. but I get to do it my way, and it’s gonna be fun. The beauty of it, is the world gets to watch me suffer and see if i can actually bust it out. All the support from BC.com, la sportiva, SPOT, First Endurance, and Moeben is something only a few people get to enjoy. I’m gonna enjpy every minute of this no matter how much i hurt.

  82. Buzz Says:

    Thanks Karl!! And thanks to everyone; really good stuff. Whereskarl.com is the go-to place starting Aug 5. Stay in touch!

  83. james demer Says:

    Hi Karl,

    I live in Maine and run with a trail group out of Portland. I’d like to meet you on the trail and run 25 or so miles with you. Is that ok with you? I am a good enough trail runner to keep up (top 10 at Massanutten this year) and I’d like to think I’m fun to run with. I know my friend Jamie (also a phenomenal trail runner) would like to join as well.
    We’ll only join in if you are cool with it, and we’ll bring lots of snacks.
    Let me know!


  84. Beth Simpson-Hall Says:

    Larry and I want to wish you a safe journey!! We will be ‘watching’ and cheering you on, along with all your friends. Best of luck!!
    Beth Simpson-Hall

  85. Derrick Says:

    Was sorry to miss the online chat! (Don’t you hate it when work gets in the way?) Some very interesting stuff though.

    Really liked this comment from Karl…

    “susie, i’ve onle spoken with flyin brian robinson and he warned me of the affects of multi-day, but this is why i am doing it, i want to see what it is really like. the record id i cing on the cake. getting thru it will be a real accomplishment”

    .. a great attitude. Isn’t that why we all do what we do and challenge ourselves!

    Good luck Karl. Looking forward to following your run!

  86. Billy Says:

    Karl….Good luck ’til we meet in PA. my friend. Totally psyched about the adventure. You are going into some sacred ground. The AT. Good stuff.

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