Maze Super Loop (hopefully)


I leave this morning for Canyonlands National Park, from where l expect embark early Saturday morning on  a 3-4 day jaunt I’m calling the “Maze Super Loop”.  The Maze (measured by time/distance to services) is the remotest place in the lower 49 states.  It’s great.

Normally I’m loath to announce any plans in advance … why risk telling anyone what you’re doing,  if there’s a fair chance you’ll fail?  Utilizing this strategy, one looks back at the previous 10 years (or in my case, 40 years) and the record shows nothing but an unbroken string of fabulous trips, great adventures, and grand discoveries.  But as we all know – and in the interest of honest blogdom I’m owning up to right now – that record doesn’t list all the miserable failures, total screw-ups, and complete debacles.

So here we go … if all goes well I’ll file a Trip Report on Wednesday or Thursday.  But if I mess it up … well … maybe I’ll just delete this Post and we’ll forget about it, eh?  😉


2 Responses to “Maze Super Loop (hopefully)”

  1. George Z Says:


    Better to get into a ring and take a swing than to never to have loved at all … or sumthin’ like that.

    Looking forward to the TR. Pix expected.


  2. Bryon Powell Says:

    Best of luck with your grand adventure. Canyonlands NP is one of the neatest places I’ve ever been. So neat that I never got around to heading over to Arches. The solitude of CNP was great!

    Seldomseen Powell

    Ps. I hope you threw some Abbey into your pack.

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